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African Soccer is one of the most loved sport in the world. It attracts sizable fans and followers throughout the world. Different fans and followers love and like a different team, leagues and different countries and tournaments. In the African continent, most soccer fans and followers do not cheer up their home teams like in America as well as Europe. The main reason being African soccer is always boring. This is evidenced in love for soccer by African people to abroad tournaments. A recent survey conducted by a certain firm reveals that it is only football for white people which is loved a lot as compared to African soccer. It is amazing to hear even Africans do not love their own soccer players, teams, leagues, or even tournaments.

African Soccer

African Soccer

African Soccer

There are certain reasons, which have contributed to this behavior by Africans. The main reason is that they lack good playing tactics. Africans poorly obey the rules obeyed in soccer when they are on the field. Africans do not have good and awesome playing tactics as compared to white people. This contributes a lot to the lack of attractiveness to watch their matches. They have poor passes, poor playing skills, and experience. Lack of practice by players also leads to lack of coordination between players. Coordination among players in soccer is the key element of the play. Coordination entails consistency of the players as the ball is started from the goalkeeper until to the opponent’s side.

African Soccer different from other countries

The other main problem that contributes to the boring matches by the Africans is the lack enough resources. Africans countries are generally considered third world countries. Third world countries are generally poor. Therefore, there are no enough resources to cater for all the needs and wants of the players. In African, there are poorly constructed playing and training grounds, which contribute to the lack of enough training or practice. Apart from the grounds been poorly constructed, they are also limited due to lack of capital to have new and many ones. This poverty is also reciprocated when it comes to remunerating the players. Players are poorly motivated by been paid peanuts. The players hence lack morale to train and to keep practicing hence poor gaming tactics.

In Europe, America and Asia young talents are nurtured to their fullest abilities unlike in Africa. When children are born in those continents, they have access to all the materials and all stuff needed by children when growing. This is good because the children choose what they would like to be when they grow up. It makes their parents or guardians to bring to access the specific materials the child shows more interest in. This is nurturing young talents. In Africa countries, this is not what happens due to lack of resources and due to ignorance. It is also contributed by the systems put across by the authorities.

If a child shows interest in soccer or any other sport in those continents, these talents are nurtured very well. This is because in those countries there are clear and proper systems which are put in place to ensure that.  In Africa, if you have a talent or not, you have to pass through irrelevant systems set up by the authorities. This makes those talents to fade away in time hence people who should be in certain fields of their choice and passion is forced to be in other fields. That is what results in players who are playing for fun or even because they have nowhere else to go or do. These contribute to forced competencies in all fields’ hence poor skills and tactics thus unpleasant results.