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One among the latest trends when it comes to online casinos would be the offer of live dealer gambling. Most of the time, this could be done with games which are indeed popular in land-based casinos such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack. Live dealer online casinos would combine the best thing about online gambling along with land-based gambling.

In traditional land-based casinos, those random events in gambling games would be generated by the mechanical devices. The numbers of roulette would be called once the ball falls within numbered slot into the roulette wheel. Those playing cards would be shuffled with the use of mechanical shuffler and then dealt into the shoebox. The dice into the craps would be rolled through the table and would make to bounce off against the wall. These things would have an impact with regards to ensuring that the outcome is indeed unbiased and unpredictable.

Live Dealer Online Casinos

Live Dealer Online Casinos

Live Dealer Online Casinos

As online casinos started in the early 1990s, the said functions were then performed through complex software referred as the random number generator or RNG. However, due to its nature, players cannot see what was happening inside the RNG and so can directly see the outcome as well. This then created suspicion wherein online casinos took long time to be accepted. Over ten decades, there were considerable improvements with regards to online casinos. One among the objectives of the said improvements was to recreate the land casino environment. Voices of dealers and animations have filled in some of the gaps. But, online casino experience was still far from land casino experience.

Indeed, the absence of live dealer, flesh and body figure that would actually roll the dice, deal the cards or spin the wheel was the predominant factor that made the experience too far from land casinos. A live dealer that is to smile at and also chat with those players was then needed in order to complete the land-based casino experience. Therefore, online casinos went step backwards in order to incorporate the said experience. In addition to that, live casino operations were streamed and videotaped to online casinos. Those online casinos usually conduct the live operations within selected games wherein the traffic is high and so the casino would expect for significant revenues. The said operations are also conducted round the clock. There was a video camera that records continuously the operations and so transmits it to the online casino sites. Once players access the live dealer games they could actually see those video images.

Live dealer casino games would function as follows:

  • Once the players access like live dealer roulette they would be taken to the roulette table being displayed in the screen by the casino software.
  • They would place wager like with online casinos but he could not take his own time once doing this. If it is time for the wheel to spin then bets will not be accepted by the software. And also, players are not capable of activating the spinning of wheel.
  • If all the bets are already placed then the video stream would take over and would display the live dealer that spins the roulette wheel and also a rolling ball. Once the ball comes to rest within a numbered slot then the live dealer would announce the number the same with land-based casinos.
  • The software would take in the number and would perform payouts like in most common online casinos.

For almost two years, the popularity of these live dealer online casino games has increased. There are numbers of online casinos having gone a step further and so released the identities of the dealers to the online players. Online casino site would also list selective information with regards to the dealers and with the time schedules whether when they are to operate Live Dealer Online Casinos. This would also enable those players to have their own favorites and make sure that they would gamble once their favorite live dealer is the one to operate the game.