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Poker Game, which emerged several years ago. Its play was famous in the 1990s and early 2000. In those times, poker became very famous as one way of gambling. You would find its cards being sold almost in every business. Poker is a game of cards, which is played by two or more parties. The players determine the outcome of the game. This is because it is the participating parties can agree a game of multiple outcomes with even others. Poker became addictive and it was played everywhere although it is game mostly dominated by men. You can rarely find women playing this gambling game.

Poker Game

Poker Game

Poker Game

In schools, students would have cards in class and play when teachers are no in class. During the breaks, students would form groups ranging from four to six and pretend to be revising but they are playing poker. Most of the times, students would play the game for fun while others would play using a few coins or even made promises. When the cards could not be accessed from the nearby shops for those students who are boarders, students would cut papers of the same size and label them as the real cards are being labeled. Also, when students went to their halls of residence, they would spend many hours playing the game till very late in the night. The game was permitted by the heads of schools to be played by teachers in the staffroom when they were idle. It was one of the relaxing games in many schools for teachers only.

Poker Game and some information about it

This game also addicted primary school pupil and the villagers. Back in the village, you would find small groupings mainly beside roads. After school when the pupils were supposed to go back home, they would engage in gambling until late hours. Pupils are mainly given house chores like looking after the cattle, so when this happened they would transfer gambling to the grazing area. Due to a lot of concentration in the game, cattle would find their way to other people’s gardens or to restricted areas. On other incidences, parents would find home chores unattended because the children engage in poker. When children went to church during Sabbath days they would sneak out of the church and mobilize their friends to go and play the game.

The results of this game of poker annoyed many more so parents. In time, everybody fed up with the addiction of the game and many parents termed it as illegal. Due to this, the game was now being played in isolated areas like in the forests and in locked rooms in fear of being of being caught up by the authorities.

Due to the fear of authorities after terming the game as illegal, the game lost fame more so in children. Children were cautious are it is believed that gambling is only permitted to adults but not minors who are under eighteen years of age.  The addiction of this game slow eroded away and lost interest to many after being declared illegal and being prohibited. The real gamblers were not discouraged but continued with the game. Others sought new gambling games and sites like in a live casino, slots, pools, and others. In today’s lives poker is seen as a phased out game as it is not in many people’s minds. People have sought other ways of gambling and utilizing their leisure time.

The emergence of betting sites was one can bet and gamble at the comfort of his home using either a mobile phone or a personal computer has almost phased out the casual gambling games like poker. The betting sites provide any type of sports one wishes to place bets in it.